Software, Design and Consultancy


Alanta is a trusted partner for both Windows and Linux-based hosting. We use only the best providers that have proven themselves over time.

Depending on the application requirements we'll setup an account on a shared server or allocate a (virtual) server for you.

Supported technologies

  Windows Linux - CentOS
ASP.NET (3.5, 4.x) Yes Yes 1)
Ruby Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Python  - Yes
SQL Server Yes  -
MySQL Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Sitefinity Yes 2)  -
Concrete5 Yes Yes
N2 Yes  -
IMAP server Yes Yes
SMTP Server Yes Yes

Please contact us if you need support for emerging technologies like no-sql data storage (CouchDB, MongoDB, RavenDB, Redis etc).

1) .NET Support on Linux via Mono

2) Alanta is a Sitefinity-partner and can help you create and maintain your Sitefinity website. Read more

Web hosting

Tired of your shared hosting provider not giving you enough performance or denying you the features you need? We can give you:

  • Full trust ASP.NET hosting
  • Production quality Ruby hosting
  • PHP configured the way you like it.

All this at very competitive prices. Contact us if you're interested.


  • Managed hosting
  • Domain registration
  • DNS hosting
  • E-mail hosting
  • SSL & Code Signing Certificates
  • Virtual Servers
  • Dedicated (physical) Servers