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Edison makes learning about tech fun

Posted Aug 2014

A versatile easy to use little robot looks like the perfect thing to get kids playing and learning about technology.

Technology is fun and it's even more fun to teach others about it. Technology can also be complicated and fiddly to people less familiar with it. Australian company Microbric have created Edison, versatile and easy to use little robotic building block that enables learning about technology and sience in a fun and familiar way.

The little robot comes packed with loads of functionality out of the box, including programmability through TV remotes and fun features like follow the flash light.

For more complicated tasks, it's programmable through a visual programming environment called EdWare. EdWare  runs on any computer and it's open source. 

Edison is compatible with Lego building blocks familiar to many kids, allowing for endless building into more complex machines.

What is most striking about the idea and the way it's implemented is that this is so accesible and yet so versitile that anybody can have fun with it.

Edison affordable and easy robotic building block


Edison is a kickstrater project, so go back it!

Affordable and easy to learn robotics