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Splash pages for Sitefinity

Up on Github now is a tiny Sitefinity control called ‘Splash’ that enables splash pages on Sitefinity-based web sites. The control supports both Sitefinity 3.7 and 4.1.

A splash page is one of those things that can really help generate attention to a specific topic or product on your site. Basically what happens is that the user is redirected to a dedicated page that highlights only one specific topic. The splash page should offer the user the option to resume browsing or get more information.

The control allows any Sitefinity user to setup a splash page and configure when to start showing it and when to stop.

Redirecting users to a page they did not request is something that can get annoying really quickly so this control uses cookies to make sure the page is shown once to each user.

The Splash control is freely available, licensed under a BSD license. All contributions and comments are welcome.

Source code
Download latest

[UPDATE] Splash pages for Sitefinity is now Sitefinity Validated and available on the Sitefinity Marketplace.


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    Hi mzerbib,

    Thanks for your interest. I'll look into the problem with the StopDateTime. Please post a bug report over on Github.
    Be sure to include the following information in your report:

    1. steps to reproduce
    2. What SF version you use
    3. what browser you use
    4. The language configuration for your server and workstation

    To answer your questions:
    1) Set the CookieExpiration to Session to make the splash page appear on every visit. The cookie used to detect whether a user has seen the splash page will expire when the browser is closed, so on the next visit the splash page will be shown again. Note that this may become annoying to your visitors if you're not careful.

    2) Popup windows are not directly supported at this time but can be implemented. You could work around that limitation with some custom scripting though. Please add an issue for this as well so we can discuss the details.

    Note that you're welcome to fork the code on Github and implement whatever changes you need.

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    It's a very interesting extension for SF 4...

    but I've an issue, I'm unable to modify "StopDateTime".
    Each time I reopened my page the control comes with previous default value.

    and 4ve two questions if I may ask:
    1) is it possible make it appears "each time" or select the number of appearence you're accessing this page. today after one visit won't see it again.

    2) have you in project to create a widget that show a "window" upon a page instead of the redirection to an nother page?