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Git tips 1 : Zipping all changed files

I’ve been using git (and msysgit on my dev system) for the most part of this year. So far it’s worked great, allowing me to work on multiple branches and on multiple locations. The command-line stuff is a bit annoying though. I just can’t be bothered to remember all those pesky commands and options so I’m just going to blog about all the powerful tricks I come across.

Tip 1: Zipping all changed files
To export changes between commits in Git the following command is very handy:

git diff -–name-only commit1 commit2 | zip ../ –@

Commit1 and commit2 can be anything like a branch name, a commit id or a tag.

Using UnxTools or Cygwin this will even work on windows.

For more info check StackOverflow or this post, which gave me the original idea.

Update : Be careful when zipping up changes like this if you have uncommitted or staged changes in your working directory because this will zip the files as they are on your disk.