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Monitor Container App Scaling

Auto-scaling is what Container Apps does so very nicely but insights into what it's actually doing under the hood could be better. 

The following query visualizes the scale of your apps over time so you can keep tabs on the automated scaling.

Chart of container scale over time
Chart of container scale over time
// Activation/deactivation of an app
let activationEvents = ContainerAppSystemLogs_CL 
    | where Reason_s == 'KEDAScaleTargetActivated' or Reason_s == 'KEDAScaleTargetDeactivated'
    | parse kind=regex Log_s with * "(Deactivated|Scaled) apps/v1\\.Deployment k8se-apps/.* from " scale_from: int " to " scale_to: int
    | summarize arg_max(time_t, *) by TimeGenerated, RevisionName_s, ContainerAppName_s, scale_from, scale_to
    | project TimeStamp=time_t, app=ContainerAppName_s, scale_to;
// Changes in scale for an app
let scaleEvents = ContainerAppSystemLogs_CL 
    | where Reason_s == 'ScalingReplicaSet'
    | parse kind=regex Log_s with * "Scaled (up|down) replica set " app @"--[a-z0-9\-]+ to " scale_to: int
    | distinct TimeStamp=time_t, app, scale_to;
let all = union activationEvents, scaleEvents;
let min_t = toscalar(all | summarize min(TimeStamp));
let max_t = toscalar(all | summarize max(TimeStamp));
| make-series scale=max(scale_to) default=double(null) on TimeStamp from min_t to max_t step 1m by app
| extend scale=series_fill_forward(scale)
| render timechart with (title = "Container App scaling")

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